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Houldsworth Valley have an active School Council

What is the School Council?

'We are the School Councillors and we are the people who help look after the school.' - Peter, Year 2

The School Council is made up of 14 representatives, two from each class, a girl and a boy, in Years 1 to 6. The School Council provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their own and their classes' feelings and ideas as well as influence whole school decisions that are made. Councillors develop skills such as confidence, communication and negotiation. Members meet regularly with Miss Griffin, the Deputy Headteacher.

Who can be a member of the School's Council?

'School Council isn't just about meetings, it's about how hard we work and how much we've achieved to get here' - Amber, Year 6

Elections for the School Council are fair and open with each Councillor elected democratically by their classmates at the beginning of the school year. The candidates each have to give a short presentation explaining why they should be elected.

What do we do and what have we done?

'We get to ask for things to improve our school' - Domantas, Year 6

Members of the School Council take part in discussions about things like school lunches, behaviour and fundraising ideas and share their work and progress with their class. The School Council help with interviewing staff and make suggestions for improving the School and making it even better. At times they are requested to ask their class for ideas or take class votes relating to suggestions, projects and discussions by the Council.

'We put some posters up about the golden rules, that's important' - Leyton, Year 1

So far this year, the School Council have discussed with their class the things they would like to spend their class budgets on. They have also helped to improve the learning environment by placing some posters around the school relating to attendance and our golden rules.

In their meetings, the School Council have helped to write the home-school agreement, given some suggestions for things that could be included in our School Prospectus written for children and contributed to the whole school anti-bullying policy. They have also discussed how to be good role models and encourage others to do the same.

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"pupils feel safe, are polite and courteous and develop confidence and self-esteem.”