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playmaker 2A number of our Year 5 and 6 children have undertaken the ‘Play Maker Award’. This provided them with training in leading structured, fun games and activities with our pupils, both at break and lunch times to increase our children’s physical activity and support positive management of behaviour. The children involved develop their confidence, leadership and communication as well as enhance their self-esteem and PE skills.

The current Play Leaders have been taught skills including the principles of fair play and inclusion, how to organise groups/teams and the PACE approach (Participants, Area, Communication and Equipment.)  The Play Leaders have learnt about the importance of these elements through a range of learning activities, and will be applying these skills in both PE and their sessions at break and lunch times.

The children completed a ‘learning journey’ throughout the process, and upon completion, they each received a certificate to celebrate their achievement.

The Play Leader responsibility and training will be offered to pupils in Years 4 and 5 each Spring term with opportunities for existing and aspiring Play Leaders to get together and share their expertise and experiences.

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Information regarding the training will be shared in January and interested pupils need to speak with their Class Teachers to express an interest.

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