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Every school is served by a team of governors – the Governing Body.

In its strategic role the governing body oversees the work of the school as well as providing direction, guidance and support for the future. They are critical friends of the school.

Who are the governors?

  • representatives who have children at the school
  • representatives of the local community
  • volunteers who have the best interest of the school and its’ pupils at heart
  • governors come from all walks of life

The Governing Body

  • decide how the school can encourage and enhance the pupil’s educational, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development;
  • is accountable for the performance of the school;
  • makes decisions on the school’s budget and staffing;
  • makes sure the school provides for all its’ pupils, including those with additional needs;
  • makes sure the National Curriculum is taught and the school follows statutory assessment procedures;
  • plans for the future.


Today, governing bodies of schools can take greater account of the local needs of their school and secure a greater representation of local people. Also, governing bodies can bring particular skills and strengths that are required to increase the effectiveness of the school. The governors work in partnership with everyone in school to make an important contribution to the success of the school as a whole.

The current governors at Houldsworth Valley Primary Academy are listed below. For more information about governors and governing bodies please see the links to the Suffolk County Council website at the bottom of the page.

Parent Governors

  • Mr A Paterson (Chair)
  • Miss S Bowles
  • Mr S Perkins
  • Mrs C Rayner

Community Governors

  • Mrs L Nelson

Interim Headteacher

  • Mrs K Schofield

Teaching Staff 

  • Mrs M Smithson (Associate)

Support Staff

  • Mrs S Lennon

Clerk to the Governing Body

  • Mrs A Fenner

Links to Suffolk County Council’s ‘Frequently Asked Questions’:


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