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At Houldsworth Valley Primary School we are dedicated to a shared team ethos:

We work together, united by agreed aims and core school values which provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where our children are encouraged and supported to achieve their fullest individual potential, empowering them to make their best contribution to society.

At Houldsworth Valley we strive:

  • To provide high quality learning and teaching in an environment which is inspiring and lively, where expectations and achievements are aspirational, and where children are valued as individuals;

  • To equip our children with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to be well prepared for their next phase of learning as well as become responsible, independent members of society;

  • To encourage pride as we celebrate success, empowering our children with self-belief and a positive self-image;

  • To develop our children’s sensitivity to the needs and beliefs of all;

  • To enable our children to make a constructive and valued contribution to the School; 

  • To maintain and strengthen the vital, positive partnership between School and Home;

  • To ensure that the School has a central role within the local community.

Recent Updates

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School Attendance

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School Meals, Weather, No Smoking

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Sibling supervision of children

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"pupils conduct themselves well in and around the school and are very polite and respectful of each other and adults"