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Curriculum Objectives

At Houldsworth Valley Primary School we are shaping the curriculum to meet the needs of all our pupils and prepare them for life in modern Britain, driven by the following skills, traits and experiences:

  • Communication
  • Aspiration & Achievement
  • Possibilities
  • Enjoyment
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Creativity & Enquiry
  • Diversity
  • Knowledge of the World
  • Awe and Wonder

Our curriculum development work seeks to combine the programmes of study associated with each subject area within the National Curriculum and all of these strands to deliver to our children exciting and stimulating learning experiences which will support the development of core skills and offer opportunities for excellence and enjoyment. Intrinsic to this is our desire to ensure our children develop an understanding and respect for moral values and actively promote democracy, tolerance, empathy and appreciation of individuals and cultures.

In order to exceed the requirements of the National Curriculum and ensure that our pupils' needs are at the heart of our approach we are using curriculum development materials designed by Chris Quigley, a renowned writer and speaker with a vast range of primary experience, known worldwide for his work in curriculum development.

Here you will find the objectives the children will undertake whilst in our year groups:

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