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Wow! We have had an action-packed start to 2017 in Woodpeckers class. During Theme lessons, we’ve focused on our Extreme Earth learning about the amazing natural occurrences that can happen on our interesting planet. Looking at volcanoes, earthquakes and Tsunamis, what causes them, the damage they can do and what to do if one happens near you? If there’s a Tsunami tomorrow ask a Woodpecker for advice (not the bird, one of our class)!

Luckily for Woodpecker class its unlikely Newmarket will experience a volcano, earthquake or tsunami any time soon. However, that didn’t stop us wondering what would happen if one did. In English, we turned into young reporters for the ‘Houldsworth Herald’ newspaper and our first job was to inform our readers of a terrifying earthquake that had destroyed our lovely school. We identified the features of a newspaper report and how to make these as successful as possible to captivate and inform our audience.

Science has been all about us. We have learnt so much about the human body. Do you know why we have bones? Or what the three types of skeletons are called? We do. We have really enjoyed learning about what in under our skin. All the bones and muscles and why a balanced diet is so important to keep our fascinating bodies healthy.

Speaking of being healthy, Mr Buxton has started gymnastics with us for this term’s PE and we are all really enjoying it. We are building upon skills learnt last year and it ties in very well with the focus of movement and joints we have been learning about in science.

In Art we have been looking at a range of different techniques including; shading, creating contrast using colour, drawing both normal and abstract portraits and still life drawings of flowers. Computing lessons have seen Woodpeckers class design their very own car racing computer game using Scratch.

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