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We have been working extremely hard in Squirrels Class since we began back at school following the Winter holidays.

Our Extreme Earth learning has captured our imaginations this half term. We have been learning about different natural events that occur across different countries of the world and their cause and effect on people and places. Our learning about volcanoes and earthquakes has enabled us to explore the different layers of the Earth, discovering the makeup of the outer and inner cores, the mantle and the crust. We have learned about the Earth’s crust and the tectonic plates that form it and how the movement of these plates can cause different natural events to occur. Some of us even explored the layers of the Earth, imagining that we were moving through a sinkhole, which had appeared suddenly in the ground!

Our Theme learning has linked to our learning in English this half term. We have been studying newspaper reports, identifying the headline, by-line, image, caption and main body article. Our writing has focused on putting together a newspaper report based on an imaginary earthquake at Houldsworth Valley Primary Academy. We have considered our headlines, introductory writing and quotes carefully and thoughtfully to reflect the events that we were reporting on. Some of our headlines included…

  • ‘Extreme Earthquake!’
  • ‘Dangerous Destruction’
  • ‘Houldsworth Valley Hit by Quake’

In our Maths learning, we have been using our knowledge of number and number facts to apply to different types of calculations and different areas of Maths. We began learning about length and perimeter, where we were introduced to measuring in millimetres and recording and comparing in mixed units. We enjoyed calculating the perimeters of a range of 2D shapes, using our prior knowledge to support our calculations to find missing lengths. We have also been learning about multiplication and division in the form of word problems. Whilst focusing on multiplication, we learnt and used many ‘star words’, including that multiplication is commutative, the inverse relationship between multiplication and division and using factors and multiples to solve correspondence problems. We have enjoyed applying our learning about multiplication each week, during our Times Tables Challenge. Squirrels Class have been working very hard each week to improve on our own scores and some of us have already earned our one star and two star badges- well done Squirrels!

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