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What a fantastic start Rabbits have had to the Spring term

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Our theme this term has been extreme earth, we have been learning about the earth and the effect that natural disasters can have on both human and physical geography. We really enjoyed learning about volcanoes in rabbit class and have researched and discussed the positives and negative of living near a volcano.


We have spent the whole of Spring term 1 looking at fractions! We have been learning how to add and subtract fractions, how to find fractions of shapes and numbers and even how to find equivalent fractions and decimals. Although this sometimes proved tricky, rabbit class have persevered and we are on our way to becoming fractions experts!


Lots of our English work this term has been based on Greek Myths and in particular we have learnt the story of Theseus and the Minotuar. Throughout this term we have created wanted posters, character descriptions and comic strips all based around Theseus and the Minotaur. At the end of this term we also all wrote our own Greek myth, creating our own story line for our mythical creatures and heros.

In rabbit class we are continuing to do grammar and guided reading sessions – during which we either read with an adult or work on our grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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