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Welcome to Hedgehogs Class

We have certainly had a fantastic start to the Spring term.

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Pictures of us learning Science on Comic Relief Day 2017


Our theme during the first half of the Spring term has been Superheroes.

We had a brilliant visit from a first responder who gave us an interactive session on first aid and what we should do in an emergency. Many of us got to dress up and take part in different role play scenarios. We certainly learned a lot about our emergency services and the air ambulance too.

We celebrated the end of this theme with a wonderful Superhero dress up day. Please look out for pictures on the website of us in our fabulous costumes.


In maths we have been practising our skills of telling the time and learning about quarter past, half past and quarter to.

We have also been practicing and applying our knowledge of the column addition method to calculate both addition and subtraction problems. We have had great fun applying our calculation skills to help us with some superhero word problems.

As well as this we continue to practise our 2, 5 and 10 times tables and have also been learning a song to help us remember our 3 times table. We have just started champions chair and go head to head with each other to solve a maths problem using our mental maths skills. As a prize we get to sit on the champions chair for the whole day!


Lots of our English work has been based on the ‘Eliot the Midnight Superhero’ story. We read the story and had lots of fun learning actions for the story so we could act it out and re-tell. Eliot is brilliant at solving top secret missions and saving the world! We invented our own secret, dangerous and exciting mission for Eliot to undertake and wrote a new part of the story. We learned to edit and improve our writing to make the story super exciting. To celebrate our success and our wonderful writing we read our stories with children in Year 1 in a shared reading session. Please look at some of the pictures on the website.

We are continuing to do grammar and guided reading sessions daily – during which we either read with an adult; practise our spellings; work on superhero comprehensions; read for pleasure; visit the library or focus on our grammar, punctuation and spelling.

We are learning about suffixes and have been concentrating on –ment; -ful; -ness; -less and -ly

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