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Welcome to Bumblebees Class

This half term our theme is ‘Superheroes’ and Bumblebees class have started our new learning with a BANG!

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In English we have been busy bees learning a new story, called ‘Eliot, Midnight Hero’, with actions. We have discussed the main character Eliot and imagined how we would have been feeling at different point during the story. We have just finished writing our own versions of the story which Miss Collier was extremely impressed with. She said we have made so much progress with our writing and she can’t wait to give us more challenges next half term!

We are really enjoying our maths learning and have learnt so much since September. We now know all of our numbers to 20 and been practising lots of addition and subtraction techniques. These include using cubes, bead strings and number lines. The trickiest method we have learnt is bridging ten, which will be really useful after half term when we start exploring calculations within 50. We have also been learning how to tell the time to the nearest hour and half past. Please help us to practise our time telling skills at home!

In history we have been learning all about a real life superhero, Neil Armstrong, who was the first man to walk on the moon in 1969. We have sequenced events in his life and written a diary entry pretending to be him after we’d walked on the moon. In ICT been practising using the internet to open webpages, typing and coding using In Art we have been learning about a famous artist called Andy Warhol and his style of Art called ‘Pop Art’. As he used to make lots of his art by printing, we have made our own printing tiles which we are going to use to make our own art work. Our PE learning this half term is gymnastics and we have been working really hard for Mr Buxton.

We are always busy bees in Bumblebees class. Please ask us what we have been learning this week!

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