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In maths we have been practising and applying our formal written methods of calculation. We have also been developing our understanding of measures and converting between these. As well as this we have been completing some different challenges during our maths meetings, learning about a range of things such as reading and understanding timetables, ordering fractions, converting decimals to fractions, solving multistep problems, calculating area and perimeter of shapes and lots more!


During our English sessions we have been developing our reading skills by studying 'The Silver Sword'; developing our knowledge of the whole text as well as tracking character and story development. We have also had great fun using 'Lego' to help us develop our writing skills by using different sentence structures in addition to producing our own instructions leaflets for building Lego structures. In our grammar work we are learning about parenthesis, relative clauses, modal verbs, verb tenses and lots more. 


Our theme is Anglo-Saxons and we have been continuing to find out about life in an Anglo-Saxon village, including designing our own; the importance of artefacts and what these tell us about life in the past; the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the kingdom and we are very much looking forward to our trip to West Stow soon. For science we have been developing our understanding of materials and their properties, as well as changes that affect these. In art sessions, we have been exploring using mosaics to create images. In computing we have been learning how to enter data on Spreadsheets and use this to help us create graphs and charts.

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